How to Play Online Games using Proxies

Are you an avid internet gamer with the need for privacy and security? In this post, we’ll show you how to play online games using proxies.

According to Statista, more than 56 million online gamers are from the United States as of 2019. Some of these game categories include Board games, Arcade games, Casino, games, massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), Action and Adventure games, and more.

On the other hand, several online games are banned in some regions, schools, offices, and even countries. For instance, PUGB which is one of the most popular online games on the internet is reportedly banned in some regions such as India, Iraq, Nepal, China, etc. This could be a debacle for online gamers who enjoy playing the action-packed online game.

Nevertheless, online gamers can bypass such restrictions by making use of proxies while playing online games. Besides, proxies not only allow users to bypass internet restrictions but also offer loads of benefits which for enjoying their online gaming experience.

What is a game proxy?

A proxy is an intermediary between your computer and the website you are visiting. It is more or less a pseudo-server that replaces your computer on the internet to protect your online identity. In the same vein, a game proxy is a proxy that replaces your computer’s IP address thereby providing you with online anonymity when connecting to game servers.

Online gamers who have been restricted from playing certain games or been blocked by their IP addresses can make use of IP addresses allocated to them by their proxy service providers to play such online games. For instance, an online gamer from China can now enjoy playing PUGB by using proxies that can allocate US-based IP addresses to connect to the internet.

Besides, online games require fast and smooth connections to prevent game lagging issues most especially while playing multiplayer gameplay sessions. Nevertheless, the benefits of playing online games using proxies cannot be over-emphasized.

On the other hand, gaming proxies can be generally classified into two types, which are:

1. Public Proxies

Just as its name implies, these are free-for-all kind of proxies which can be used by online gamers. They are free to use; however, users face several problems such as frequent game lags, security issues, or even IP address ban among many other shortcomings.

2. Premium Proxies

This is a user-friendly proxy that can successfully hide IP addresses without hassles. This is the recommended proxies for professional online games with the need for speed, security, and secrecy.

Top Reasons to play online games with proxies

Here are some of the reasons to play online games using proxies’ i.e. game proxies.

  • To prevent game lags: Frequent game lags occur most especially on local ISP connections or when connected to a bad gamer server. One of the perks of being an online gamer is to enjoy lag-free gameplay. To achieve this, game proxies are required.
  • To connect with other regional players: Game serves are usually divided across geographical locations while people whose IP addresses fall within such region can connect to that particular game server. In the same vein, gamers can connect with other players located in other regions for connectivity or to makes friends.
  • For fast Game Speeds: Due to perks such as P2P Sharing, data caching, 99.9% server uptime which game proxy servers offer; online gamers can enjoy fast internet speed when playing online games. This is particularly helpful when playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as PUGB which requires fast response when cornered by attackers in-game’ battlefield.
  • Access to geo-restricted online services: With proxies, users can change their location on the internet to any supported region in the world. In the same vein, region-banned games such as PUGB, Battlefield 4, Pokemon Go, Manhunt 2, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, etc. can be accessed by games residing in such regions. Also, gamers can access specific in-game features within the game platform which are restricted by regions.
  • To protect your online identity: Hackers and other cybercriminals can use critical information such as users’ IP addresses to find out their real-life information such as real name, bank account details, social media information, phone number, and more. However, game proxies prevent such intrusion by masking users’ IP information and providing the Proxy-provided IP address.

Enjoy gaming!